Day 2 in 30 days of Kink



You really just asked me that.

Oh alright. In NO paticular order.

  • Choking
  • some medical play
  • bondage 
  • public exposure
  • swinging
  • caging/confinement
  • collars
  • leashes
  • puppy play
  • stockings
  • heels
  • daddy dom
  • caning
  • impact play
  • spanking
  • bruises
  • non-consent roleplay
  • corsets
  • boots
  • belts
  • hair pulling
  • schoolgirl
  • brat play
  • wrestling
  • begging
  • scratching/nails
  • humiliation
  • nipple torture
  • hot wax
  • ice play
  • sensory depriviation
  • biting
  • blindfolds
  • forced orgasm
  • orgasm denial
  • OTK spanking
  • pain
  • exhibitionism
  • power exchange
  • electric play
  • ball gags
  • leaving marks
  • gagging/choked by cock
  • tattoos
  • clips/clamps
  • ductape
  • knife play (without cutting/blood)
  • objectification
  • pigtails
  • slave bells
  • dirty talk
  • firemen (hehe It counts)
  • buttplugs!

ok ok im out.

no really you said list them..thats all i can think of right now HAHAH

Day 1 of 30 days of kink

Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

Ya’ll already pretty much know this (or you should!). For me my personal deffinition - submissive is what I am. I am submissive with or without a dominant or owner, it describes my personal preferences and leanings.

Slave is the role I have chosen and accepted in my relationship. Slave is the active role I am in.

As I’ve been talking about lately, I am learning to switch and am enjoying exploring my dominant side online. I most certainly have a sadistic streak which it is fun to indulge. I enjoy topping because it helps me learn to be a better submissive, and because I enjoy serving others and fulfillling a very personal and sexual craving for them. Plus its fucking funny to see men dressed in panties or diapers bending over backwards to fulfill my every whim.

In my personal life however I will always choose submission.

As His slave my role is to be of service and use to him in whatever way I can. I belong to Him, and am cherished by Him. My collar was not something I took lightly. My relationship is not a gimmick for my show. There is much that I keep private so that we can preserve privacy and intimacy between us.

As a paid webcam submissive (or domme) my role is to fulfill your fantasies, explore kink with you all while earning my daily bread. And I love being of service in this way and I’m honored that ya’ll feel that I have done enough for you to tip and take me pvt and partake of my other services.

As far as what parts of BDSM interest me - I can honestly say all parts INTEREST me. There are certain areas I’m not interested in exploring myself, but I love to read about them, and the reasons why people are interested in them. These catagories include needle play, blood play, scat (ok.. its more morbid curiousity), watersports, poly households with multiple slaves/subs, adult-baby play adn many more….

As far as what interests me - there are many many many things but the primary ‘never gets old’ parts that I enjoy are of course, pain and spanking. Bondage. God do i love to be tied up. being controlled in everything i do. Humiliation. Public exposure/exhibitionsm, TPE, service submission and oh did i mention pain?