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Format: mp4
Length: 14.5 mins
File Size: 100MB
Category: BDSM/Humiliation
Flavor: #LolliThePlaytoy

Description One of the  most intensely humiliating (and hot!) scenes I’ve done yet. Mistress Diana Blake enters this scene n a mission to put me in my place. She has a invited a camera man along to record every little bit of how she uses me, so that the world will be able to see what a little whore I really am. Mistress Diana objectifies me, makes me repeat the filthy names she calls me, slaps, whips and flogs me. She uses a marker to label me “FUCK HOLE” and various other nasty things…   and tells me I am no more than a hole to fuck, a toy to use and throw away. The most humiliating part of all this, she knows I like it. She can tell how wet I’m getting, how incredibly turned on I am by this enitre scene. She uses it to her advantage, fucking my pussy with her phallic flogger handle and her new strapless strap on. A short bit of bonus footage is included of me getting cleaned up in the shower. This is something i’ve been wanting to shoot for a very long time and I’m super grateful to Mistress Diana for helping make this fantasy come true. 

warning - this video contains some really graphic, humiliating bdsm. It is a consensual scene, but there are parts that can look non-consenual. Please DO NOT watch if this is going to upset, offend or trigger you.

Master gave me a belated morning spanking..  and decided to video tape it for you all. Enjoy!